Balance in life

Looking to have more BALANCE in LIFE? Do you find yourself so caught up with work that you don’t have time to spend with family or friends?  Or find yourself caught up attending to other’s needs that you neglect your own personal health or spirituality? Do you find yourself consumed with career that you don’t have time for relationships or that special person?

I’m Anna Garcia, a Life Balance Coach and every day I speak with people who want to have MORE balance in life.

Nobody is perfect and no one has their life completely balanced out. Usually when we excel in one area of our life we tend to neglect another. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why is it important to have more BALANCE in LIFE?

Having more balance in life is living with an awareness that our life is made up of many aspects (like parts of a wheel) and to live a completely fulfilling life we can’t just focus on one area.

Our life is a wheel  made of :

  • Business and Career
  • Spouse/ love life
  • Friends and family
  • Health and Vitality
  • Spirituality
  • Prosperity and money
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Personal Growth
  • Making a difference

Focusing only on one or two areas prevents us from developing our full potential. We were created to live truly amazing lives with balance in life and we will never know that potential unless we try to develop our different areas of potentiality.

Learning to have more balance in life has many benefits such as:

  • Increased self-worth
  • Greater personal enjoyment
  • Healthier physical life
  • Better relationships
  • Better quality of life

However due to set habits it can be challenging to try to gain more balance in life on your own

How can Professional Life Coaching help you attain more BALANCE in LIFE?

Getting more balance in life is possible with one on one Professional Life Coaching.  Together, using a Life Balance Wheel we can identify the areas of your life that are thriving well and the identify the other areas that you want to set goals around.

Together we develop strategies to help you incorporate more of the different areas into your life so that you have more balance in life.

Having a Professional Life Coach to be accountable to each week and to support you and encourage you has proven to accelerate results and increase your success rate- more so, than doing it alone.

If you would like to find out how to have more balance in life, contact me on +612 423 590 980 or +612 8021 4570 or through email or fill in the form below.

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