Balance life

Are you longing to balance LIFE? Do you find yourself burnt out, stressed, in need of a holiday?

I’m Anna Garcia and I am a Balance Life Coach. If you can relate to the symptoms above, chances are you lack of balance in your life. Together I can help you to BALANCE LIFE so you can actually enjoy being ALIVE instead of being burnt out by each day.

Why do you need to balance LIFE?

Everybody needs time out of the ordinary. Everybody needs time to recuperate.  Focusing too much in one area of your life at the cost of neglecting other areas, e.g. being focused on your career at the cost of your health or family, doesn’t do you good.

Learning to attain goals in all areas of your life contributes to your personal wellbeing and greater empowerment and fulfilment.  It enables you to reach your maximum potential as a human being.

How do you balance LIFE?

Learning to balance out your goals in all the areas of your life can be achieved with focus, planning and commitment to action. However this can be easier said than done. Often it is easy to get motivated but then lose track or lose interest. Sometimes the first obstacle or challenge makes it easy to give up. Trying to gain clarity on your goals can be difficult without a sounding board to explore what you really want. That is where Balance Life Coaching helps.

What is Balance Life Coaching?

Balance Life Coaching is a unique professional partnership incorporating powerful processes to inspire you to reach your maximum potential.

Through a series of one on one sessions we can explore ALL areas of your life – Health and Vitality, Business and Career, Friends and Family, Spouse and Love life, Prosperity and Money, Fun and Enjoyment and Making a Difference. As your Balance Life Coach I can help you to implement strategies to overcome obstacles in the way so you can move forward.

Having a Balance Life Coach devoting regular time to focus on your life choices without prejudice, personal interest or judgement allows you to really gain clarity on what you want. A Balance Life Coach encouraging you, supporting you and making you accountable increases your rate of success and makes the process easier than going alone.

How is Balance Life Coaching conducted?

There are a few coaching models that I can work with.  If you would really love to see change in all areas to gain real balance in life, the ‘Inspired to Success’ 12 Week Coaching Program is for you.

This program, developed by bestselling author and businesswoman Sandy Forster, focuses on one area of your life per session. Clients have seen significant changes in their life through this Balance Life Coaching program.

Here is what John had to say about Balance Life Coaching:

John Gillanders, Software Developer, Otaho, New Zealand

What are the benefits of Balance Life Coaching?

Working with a balance Life Coach has a number of benefits:

  • Greater self-esteem from  achieving goals
  • Better well-being from having a balanced life
  • Healthier physical life
  • Improved relationships
  • More personal enjoyment and quality of life.

So if you want to find out more information about Balance Life Coaching, contact me by phone or email +612 423 590 980 or  +612 8021 4570 or email alternatively complete the form below.

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