Looking for a great LIFE COACHING PROGRAM?

Looking for a Life Coaching Program that gets RESULTS?

I’m Anna and I’m a Prosperity Life Coach. I often get asked the question, ‘What is the best Life Coaching Program that can accelerate success in my life?’

Success is dependent on your desire for success and your readiness to put into action the steps you set out to do. The right Life Coaching Program can help drive those results much more quickly.

What Life Coaching Program is most suitable for you?

The usual coaching model I use is the GROW model. This Life Coaching Program focuses on GOALs, REALITY, OPTIONS and the WAY FORWARD in each session. This is a great model for those of you that want to focus on a goal in a specific area of your life and want to invest a shorter amount of time to life coaching. This is a great program for achieving results and is an affordable option.

For those of you wanting a more holistic Life Coaching Program we have the ‘Inspired to Success’ 12 Week Life Coaching Program

What is the ‘Inspired to Success’ 12 Week Life Coaching Program?

The ‘Inspired to Success’ 12 Week Life Coaching Program was developed by bestselling author and successful businesswoman Sandy Forster.  This Life Coaching Program is for those who want to develop not just one but ALL areas of their life.

We begin using the ‘Life Balance Wheel’ to assess where you currently are in all aspects of your life and where you want to move forward.

Session by session we explore goals in the different areas using powerful transformational processes. Together we will identify limiting beliefs, create strategies to overcome fears and obstacles and implement action plans. This unique partnership allows us to work together to accomplish your goals in all the areas of your life.

This 12 week Life Coaching Program helps you develop a more balanced life, developing your greatest potential as a human being. A more balanced life leads to greater fulfilment.

How does each Life Coaching Program benefit you?

Each Life Coaching Program has numerous benefits including:

  • Powerful focus and greater confidence
  • Clarity on what you want more of in life
  • Faster outcomes
  • Greater abundance and wealth when goals are set around money.

If you want to find out more about each Life Coaching Program contact me  by phone on +612 423 590 980 or +612 8021 4570, email anna@valuelifecoaching.com or fill in the details below.

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