Looking for Life Coaching Seminars?

Do you feel Life Coaching calling you? Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives and get paid for it?  If you are looking for Life Coaching Seminars so you can be trained and accredited as a Professional Life Coach you have come to the right place.  Not only is Professional Life Coaching a rewarding and personally fulfilling professional career, it is an amazing service to the world.

I completed my accreditation as a Professional Life Coach through Sandy Forster’s Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. Through a series of Life Coaching Seminars online you can complete your accreditation at your own pace and around family and work.

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’s Life Coaching Seminars appealed to me because they combined very practical strategies along with metaphysical processes which provided a very holistic and spiritual approach to Life Coaching.

The Life Coaching Seminars also incorporate the Universal laws including the Law of Attraction to help you set up your own business and to help clients with their goals. Not only will your clients’ lives transform, but so will yours as a Life Coach. The success of the course is the marrying of the practical and metaphysical processes to create change.

How are the Life Coaching Seminars conducted?

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy’s Life Coaching Seminars are conducted through live teleseminars online or through telephone, or for those busy individuals, can be downloaded as a recording from the website at your own convenience.

The Life Coaching Seminars consist of modules which take place over 6-8 months with a teleseminar taking place three times a month and extra ‘Inspiration calls’ or ‘ Q and A’ teleseminars in between.

Throughout the Life Coaching Seminars you will learn different models of coaching such as the GROW model as well as the ‘Inspired to Success’ 12 Week Coaching program which guides clients through all the different areas of their life.

Every day I am amazed when I receive feedback from clients on what they have been able to achieve. I am sure it will be just as fulfilling for you.

If you want to find out more about Life Coaching Seminars through the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy click on the link below and follow the prompts or contact me by email  or phone +612 8021 4570 or 0423 590 980.