Looking for a Professional Life Coach to help you achieve your life goals in 2012? Are you looking to make some serious changes in your life to greater abundance and prosperity?

I’m Anna Garcia, a Professional Life Coach and I make it personal mission to help YOU LIVE a truly  AMAZING LIFE and to help YOU discover the MAGNIFICENCE of BEING YOU.

Why partner with a Professional Life Coach?

Everyone wants more happiness in life.  Everyone has a dream, goal or a mind movie of how they would like their life to be, an inner vision.

However every day I encounter people:

-          Who are ‘stuck’ in life

-          Discontent with their relationships,  job, or finances

-          Are playing ‘smaller’ than they really could be.

-          Believe that happiness and success can only happen for others.

Don’t be discouraged if you do feel this. In fact, celebrate as it’s a great wake up call to start taking action. This is where a Professional Life Coach can really help you.

You already have everything you need to become successful.  You just need the mindset and the belief in yourself to make it happen and a Professional Life Coach can show you how.

How does a Professional Life Coach help?

A Professional Life Coach can shift your focus on what is so negative in your life to your great potential, possibilities and opportunities within your reach.

Using powerful transformational processes during our one on one life coaching sessions, I will commit my time soley to listening to you .

As your Professional Life Coach I will work with you to:

  • Gain clarity on what YOU truly want in life
  • Find your strengths
  • Overcome  limiting beliefs and self sabotage
  • Change your thoughts from ‘It’s not possible’ to ‘HOW is it possible?’
  • Move forward by taking practical steps towards your goal

Phil shares his experience from working with me as his Professional Life Coach:

Quote from Phil Kelly

It is through questioning techniques during our coaching sessions that greater possibilities can really open up and strategies you never thought of can arise.

John also shares his experience of working with a Professional Life Coach:

John Gillanders, Software Developer, Otaho, New Zealand

Through working with a Professional Life Coach you can gain all of this and more:

-          Greater  confidence and better decision making

-          More powerful focus and faster results

-          Increased wealth as a result of this

Having a Professional Life Coach to be accountable has proven to accelerate results. It provides you with a personal space at a regular time to explore change.

Through combining the metaphysical (Universal Law of Attraction and the Universal Laws) and practical steps I can help you to really empower your life.

“A world of ABUNDANCE SURROUNDS you, if you will STEP UP and CLAIM IT” – Ralph Marston

So start getting RESULTS TODAY. To find out more about my services as a Professional Life Coach, contact me through email  or phone me +612 8021 4570   +61 423 590 980 or fill in the form below.

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