Do Vision Boards REALLY WORK?

Do Vision Boards really work?

Vision boards or Dream boards, simply put, are a visual map of everything you would like to achieve, experience and acquire in the catalogue of LIFE. If someone could wave a magic wand and allow everything you ever dreamed of to come true – this is IT!

I know some people may have heard about vision boards  from the documentary “The Secret” and may have thought this was a little bit ‘out there’ or a little ‘woo woo’.  However, there is some TRUTH behind the power of creating a Vision Board.

Vision boards allow us to dream,  think BIGGER and enter into a world of POSSIBILITY without the usual draw backs and limitations that stop us from thinking BIG (financial obstacles, limitations, etc…) . There is no harm in having a BIG vision and it’s also a heck of a lot of fun.

So how do Vision Boards work?

By waking ourselves up to what we really want in life through visual words and images, a seed is planted into our conscious mind and our subconscious mind begins to find ways to make this happen.  It makes us more aware of opportunities around us that help us to move forward towards that goal. The Universe, God, Universal Consciousness (whatever resonates with you) works with you to allow opportunities to unfold and make it happen. Then your part involves taking those practical steps when opportunities unfold.  But all of this starts from you getting clear on what you want to achieve through your Vision board.

For example

I had a friend who was a little down about the unfulfilling admin job she was doing to help pay her bills. It had been a while since she taught so she questioned her ability as an educator. On her way home she bumped into an old friend who happened to be a life coach. The life coach pulled out a piece of paper told her to draw/write everything that she wanted in a career.  She wrote down the hours she wanted, where she wanted to teach, etc… This was her makeshift vision board    She went to interviews after and was offered a job in a very exclusive private school which fulfilled everything she had written on that paper.

She went on to tutor at a university and is now completing a PHD on two scholarships and is presenting her work in Europe…wow… and just a few years ago she questioned her ability to get a basic teaching job.

My own experimentation with Vision boards 

I had to see for myself if this really worked. A year ago, I created a vision board with magazine cutouts, etc… I pinned images of where I would like to live, inspirational people I would love to meet, tours I would like to do, places I would like to visit, even hotels I’d like to stay at.

I can happily say, within 6 months the two inspirational speakers I had pinned to my vision board I had met. I am now booked for or planning to visit half the locations on my vision board (I never thought this was possible at the time but situations unfolded over the year that allowed us to implement a savings plan) and we are even staying at the hotel and doing the tour I was dreaming about and thought impossible at the time.

Okay, we haven’t got that mansion… yet!…but my verdict is that VISION BOARDS  really do work – try creating one today!

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