How I manifested a ONE MONTH HOLIDAY across America starting with NO finances…





For those people earning the megabucks, a one month holiday is no extraordinary feat. But when all you have is a DREAM and zero cash left over in the bank each week, a one month holiday is nothing short of a MIRACLE!

It started off as an idea two years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to trek right across America… to see the sights of NEW YORK…meet my cousin in Long Island for the first time…to holiday in Disneyworld Florida?  To see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the lights of Las Vegas…to meet relatives in LA and how I miss Hawaii so much!!!

This dream sequence was quickly obliterated with the COLD HARD FACTS. …WHO are you kidding? You DON’T even have any money to go on a holiday. The travel agent quoted $20,000 just for a holiday only in the West coast.  It’s NOT PRACTICAL with a toddler – especially your trouble maker! You only work part time because of your lupus and most of that pays for day care so how would you pay for this? You barely make  enough to pay the bills…your husband’s employer would never allow for more than 11 days off a year and so on.

Nevertheless I BEGAN TO DREAM…what if I didn’t have to worry about ‘HOW’ the holiday would happen? This was around the time I discovered coaching and the Law of Attraction. I had read a book called ‘How to  be Wildly Wealthy Fast’ by Sandy Forster. The Law of Attraction was not as creepy as I thought and it made sense. It involved focusing on MORE of what you want in your life, instead of what you don’t want, so you could attract the circumstances and situations to help make it happen. So I decided to put my limiting beliefs aside and put my impossible holiday out there to the Universe.

A little hesitant at first, I chose two cities from my ideal holiday and placed them on a new vision board in my room. New York – because I have always wanted to visit that city – and Honolulu because I loved Hawaii.

Every day I focused on these places, I imagined what it would be like to have a holiday there, how it would feel, what I would eat and so forth.  I really visualised myself being there on holiday.

Not much happened afterwards. We didn’t magically win Lotto or win a holiday, but events unfolded as a friend invited me to listen to Dr Demartini speak. I listened to his money saving strategies and decided to put them in place even though I wasn’t sure if it would work. The strategy was to PAY OURSELVES FIRST into an account before paying anything else. We found instead of the money disappearing as it usually would do, it began to grow. Dr Demartini’s saying “When you manage money well, you get more money to manage” really started coming true for us.

There were no gimmicks, just good old fashion steady saving.  It was a little at a time and we stopped shopping for useless things. I did little things like borrowing dresses for weddings instead of buying new dresses because I had the goal in mind.

Dr Demartini also stressed the importance of earning the right to spend – that once you saved not to lose it all by splurging it all on a holiday. He encouraged saving so you had a backup safety net and only after building this up, saving more money so you had the right to spend (like on a holiday).

We followed his plan and surprisingly, despite all our bills and my small income, a year later we had the funds to go on this holiday with savings still in the bank. I would never have believed it!

I now had to work on the finer details. Flights were so expensive $2500 a person just to LA and there were 3 of us. To add Hawaii would be an additional $1000 a person. We could not possibly trek across America with these prices. I decided to write down exactly what I wanted for this holiday and posted this on my vision board. I listed the airline I wanted, how glad I was about a free stopover and cheap connecting flights. I wrote down the exchange rate I wanted for the holiday. I also posted an image of the hotel I wanted to stay at on my vision board and the tours I wanted to do.

In the end I booked the airline I wanted with a free stopover in Hawaii and flights to Las Vegas, Florida, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles all included just under $1995 a person.  We went on holiday during beautiful spring/summer season just before peak season.

My husband and I were approved for 4 weeks off work (which was close to impossible) and my in laws joined us for part of the holiday which meant we had extra babysitting help for my toddler and could enjoy the rides in Disneyworld. We got the highest exchange rate the travel agent had ever seen which was the rate I wrote down and we we stayed in the hotel I posted.

It was the most fun we have ever had. During our holiday, we snorkelled in Hawaii, visited all the Disneyparks, watched Cirque du Soleil in Vegas, sailed around Manhattan, did a food tasting tour in New York, travelled accross the Goldengate bridge, experienced Muir Woods’ ancient red cedar trees and Universal studios plus all California had to offer. We met amazing relatives who showed us around.  True, we could have spent this money on the mortgage, but through this holiday we carry with us are memories and experiences of a lifetime.

So often people jump straight to the obstacles before allowing themselves to dream and expand possibilities in their lives. When we stress about how it can’t happen we stop allowing any solutions to flow into our life and we tell the Universe we don’t really want it. All we need to do is to be aware of the negative self talk, then to imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry HOW it would happen. As long as you put your order out there, a WAY will come to you.  If we were able to do it…anyone could do it.

Before our holiday I used to think this song was corny and only for kids. Now I will always remember watching the evening fireworks over Disneyworld’s castle in Orlando and really believing the words of the song playing:

“When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream, No request is too extreme…

When you wish upon a star, Your DREAMS come TRUE.”


If you want to know more about vision boards, money saving strategies, attracting a dream holiday or coaching using the Law of Attraction, contact Anna  by email

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