Find out how Dr Demartini’s full proof money saving method has helped from us from having no money left in the bank to travelling around the world and still have savings within 1 year.

We all know the scenario too well, being greeted at your letterbox with a collection of bills and perhaps even a heart attack in reaction to a bill! In our day with the rising cost of living it is often easy to ask, “Is saving even possible?”

We were in a similar situation a few years  ago. My husband and I ‘liked’ the idea of saving but we just found ourselves giving reasons why we couldn’t start, i.e. the car is due for a service, we have this bill or that one due, etc…  By the time we paid each of the expenses off we just had enough to make it to the next payday.

It wasn’t until we listened to one of Dr John Demartini’s wealth building CDs Secrets to Financial Success that we understood the value of saving.  Dr Demartini, a human behaviourist was in a similar situation himself. He was a doctor and after he had paid everyone else, even he didn’t have any money for himself!


It wasn’t until Dr Demartini decided to value himself by paying himself first that his wealth grew. He decided to pay himself a portion into a savings fund (at the time he questioned if he could afford to pay himself $200 a month as a doctor). He would set this up automatically before he began paying other people and in this way valued himself first.

When he did this he found he started attracting more clients, more business and therefore greater wealth. Every three months Dr Demartini would then increase that saving by 10% (this was the amount of change a human being could endure without getting too stressed). When you value yourself, others will start to value you.

We tried out this money saving formula. The moment we were paid we transferred a portion automatically into a savings account, no matter how small it was, and then we paid the bills. At first it took some time to get used to, but it felt great knowing we were keeping some of it for ourselves first before it disappeared to the bills. We look back and now are able to travel overseas and still have some savings for emergencies. Had we not started this saving plan, I am certain that money would have disappeared towards useless things. At the same time we found ourselves winning competitions and attracting more wealth.

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What you should know about saving:


  • Everybody can save – I understood this when Dr Demartini pointed out that he had met a lady that never earned more than $2 an hour that amassed a huge amount of savings in her lifetime.


  • It’s not about how much you earn, it’s about the habit of saving. A person on a lower income can have more in savings than a wealthy person who can end up in huge debt.


  • Saving can do no harm – only good. There are so many benefits from saving. Psychologically, it gives you security, peace of mind, emotional stability. The psychology behind saving is different to paying off debt.  The worst thing that can happen if you put aside money to your savings account but you need to pay off debt, is to withdraw the money. But resist the temptation to withdraw it for impulse purchases.


  • Saving involves a clear strategy without letting the emotions getting involved. I have heard the saying, if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control money. Emotions can get in the way of saving, i.e. it is too painful to save. That is why, set up an automatic debit system so you don’t even feel it. Don’t worry; later you will feel the great rewards from having saved money!

So to answer my initial question, yes I believe it is possible to start the habit of saving. If we can go from not being able to save to regular savings, you can do it.

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