We ALL do it…store something away for the future, “JUST in CASE we MIGHT need it ONE day”.

We store one thing, and then another …and another…until one day it’s taken over our entire living space like a growing entity devouring space, turning our oasis of peace into a junk yard. Lovely.

I know I’m guilty of it – Sheldon has labelled me the ‘Queen Hoarder’ in the past – though I know he also has his secret stash in the shed!

So why are we so IN LOVE with CLUTTER?

I used to watch the show ‘Hoarders’ and think, ‘Euewww…lucky I’m not like that!’.  I would criticise them, ‘Can you believe their junk actually cuts them off from their family and friends, makes them sick and holds them back from living their life?’. The cases were extreme but in reality – HOW DIFFERENT WAS I?

I’d hold onto an outfit that I had fallen in love with in the store but was never practical to wear. Items ‘too good to throw out’ occupied permanent residence in the built in. Shoes that looked gorgeous were dust collectors because of perceived pain from wearing them. Then there’d be the pair of jeans I would keep for ‘when I dropped a dress size’. Since I was an art teacher, I was holding onto every piece of string and useless thing that could possibly fit in some future sculpture!

We actually don’t need a lot in our lives, but we are programmed by modern society that we need to buy and have everything. Dr Demartini really inspired me when he said most people have too many clothes that make them feel poor, rather than having few limited clothing that make them feel rich. Let the fewer things we own have a purpose for being there.



Let me share our example. Before coaching, I never realised that clutter affected us on a physical and metaphysical level.

Allegra was a toddler so our clutter went into overdrive. Imagine we had this small apartment. Add the furniture (that’s 50% of the space gone). Then add a playpen and toys everywhere on the floor (that’s 95% of the space taken). Then I had laundry hanging off the playpen during rainy days. It became ‘spot the floor’ rather than the toys and there was a health risk walking across the room. It was also physically unhealthy with objects collecting dust or growing mould in our cupboards. Just like hoarders we avoided inviting anyone over. Every toy she had I truly believed ‘she really needed’ so I kept everything.

However, during my ISCA Coaching training, I discovered CLUTTER was affecting our ENERGY and what we attracted into our lives including wealth and abundance.

When we have clutter, it occupies space in our mind consciously and subconsciously, which could be spent on more valuable things in life like enjoying ourselves and reaching for our goals. Clutter drains energy. Have you ever looked at clutter and felt ‘life is dreary and not so great’? Whereas de cluttering lifts our energy or vibration and puts us in a positive frame of mind so we can attract more abundance in our life.

Sandy Forster our coaching trainer, always looked forward to de-cluttering  because  prosperity and abundance would always flow into her life soon after.

We decided to take ACTION.

We donated or threw out what we didn’t need. I managed to make some money on eBay and felt good people were making use of what would otherwise sit there. With the rest of the toys we separated it into 3 bags and only brought one bag out at a time and rotated it every few months. This allowed Allegra to develop a greater attention span. Then finally we wanted everything out of sight – therefore a trip to IKEA solved that problem. Everything was tucked away.

You should have seen our REJOICING when we could see our lounge room again! Our reclaimed space! And YES – WE could even breathe better! It DEFINITELY made a difference spiritually, physically and emotionally and it improved our wellbeing. Instead of coming home feeling stressed we felt great.

Soon after, abundance was flowing from all directions. Sheldon was given a pay rise. He was also winning all these competitions and some of them by default (e.g. winning tippers forgetting to put their footy tips in!) so I enjoyed a few fancy restaurants during this time.


  1. Trust that the Universe, God, Universal God wants to give you more abundance in your life so you don’t need to hold onto ‘things’…you can ‘let go’
  2. Separate 4 boxes or bags – Label them ‘Donate’, ‘Throw’, ‘Sell’, ‘Recycle’ and start sorting.
  3. Be ruthless! Ask yourself – Have I used this in the past year? If not, it’s a fantasy that it will be used it in the future. – It’s GOT TO GO!
  4. If it is overwhelming do ONE ROOM at a time. At least you are heading in the right direction.
  5. Let everything thing that you keep have a purpose.

Sandy Forster also shared with us a further tip:

In “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston, she suggests that as you go through each item, ask yourself: a) Does it lift my energy when I think about it? b) Do I absolutely love it? c) Is it genuinely useful?   If your answer is not a YES for all three questions than get rid of it.

When you finish, you will feel EXPANSIVE, you would have made a little bit of money and you would have made someone else happy.

You will also:

-          Have CLARITY , clearer goals and be able to see what it is you want to do with your life without getting lost in the ‘mess’

-          You will feel energetic and inspired within your own home.

-          You will naturally allow more abundance to flow into your life

So what will you de clutter today?


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