Why every LOSS is an opportunity to GAIN

Why every LOSS is an opportunity to GAIN


A number of years ago, I was watching the Oprah show. It featured a man with an incredible story. Franz Wisner was planning to marry his dream fiancée. The only problem was, the bride never showed up. She dumped him as the guests were en-route to the ceremony.

Instead of wasting the honeymoon tickets, he invited his brother to join him on his holiday. They had such a great time that when they returned; they sold everything and travelled around the world for two years for a bigger adventure. He met future wife and ended up writing a New York Times bestseller “Honeymoon with My Brother.”

Wisner could have had a crisis when his fiancee dumped him. But instead he looked at the opportunity this loss provided – the chance to reconnect with his brother and have many adventures.

I love this story because it’s an example of how everything that occurs in our life is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad.’ We are the ones that give meaning to the situation.


When I attended Dr Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience, I understood apparent ‘losses at a deeper level.

Usually, when most of us ‘lose’ something, for example, a large amount of money, a job, a friendship, a competition, etc… we can carry emotional baggage for a lifetime thinking, ‘My life would have been better if _________ had never happened’.

We may also find it hard to move forward, holding on to the past and carrying resentment against the person who we perceive caused the loss in our life.


I was really inspired with Dr Demartini’s different perspective:

“The MASSES live in the ILLUSIONS of GAIN and LOSS but the MASTERS live in the WORLD of TRANSFORMATION”


It really helps to stop thinking we are ‘losing’ something in our lives and to start seeing it as transformation.

For example, a number of months ago, the photographer I worked for told me he was managing fine on his own so he would cut down my hours. I was initially shocked and worried about losing money. Then I remembered Demartini’s advice.

I got home and wrote out a list of benefits and opportunities from this apparent ‘setback’. Amongst them were, ‘more time to work on what I am passionate about.’ I would rather spend quality time doing what I love, then hours doing something mediocre.

The money would manifest itself through other forms of wealth – doing what I love, having time to be more relaxed and therefore enjoying time with my family.


Dr Demartini also said:

“The beauty of any ‘loss’ is that it creates room for something new. If everything in your life was permanent, you’d become bored by the same routine.”


It is much more productive to replace ‘losses with ‘transformation’.  It helps to embrace CHANGE. The Universe or God is always looking out for you and has your best interest at heart. If he thinks you could grow or do better, certain circumstances out of our control will unfold. This is the opportunity to GROW.


What we perceive to be a LOSS is a GAIN. What we had was just TRANSFORMED into another form.


Try this out:

Think of a time when you perceived a ‘loss’ in your life. What happened?

For example,

-          Lost a large sum of money in an investment or joint venture

-          Lost in an auction that was supposed to be your dream house.

-          Broke up in a relationship

-          Losing a sporting game

-          Not getting offered the job


Now write out what you gained through this apparent ‘loss’.  How did this transform your life in a better way? Did you gain in other areas of your life?


For example

-          Losing large amounts of money led to pulling resources together, fine tuning skills and working smarter with finances.

-          Losing an auction led to or will lead to purchasing a better house more suited to your needs

-          Breaking up in a relationship may make you aware that you were co-dependent and finally are learning to love yourself without depending on another person. It may also make you more aware of what you do want in your next relationship.

-          Losing in a sporting game may make you train more

-          Not getting the job offer may lead to a more suitable job.


Finally finish with this affirmation:

“I always make the right decisions.”

This is an affirmation I always tell myself, knowing that if I make the wrong decision, there is always a benefit for me so it is always a win-win situation.

Have a fabulous week.
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