Do you find it hard to THINK BIG beyond your current circumstance?


The ‘BE, DO, HAVE’ tip is something I really love that’s been shared by many coaches and inspirational speakers and is one of the strategies in my eBook ’10 Secrets to Change Your Life.’ Even if you’ve heard it all before, it helps to hear it again because it brings out the best in you.

I remember listening to the international speaker Dr Demartini. When he was studying to become a chiropractor, he was given advice by someone he admired to LIVE as though he had already achieved everything he wanted. His goal was to be an extremely successful chiropractor that provided an excellent service to the world, whilst being abundantly paid.

So Dr Demartini would DRESS as though he was already successful. He would go to his classes dressed in his best suit and tie at the time, as though he were already a successful chiropractor. The other students wore casual clothes so he definitely stood out and was unusual. What difference did that make?

Years later he attended a school reunion. Not only was he a successful chiropractor, he was a healer, teacher and international inspirational speaker travelling around the world, making a big impact in people’s lives and getting abundantly paid for his service. He had definitely achieved far greater goals than his colleagues.


Why do we have MORE SUCCESS when we act like we are ‘already there’?

When you momentarily step out of your current perception of yourself and step into the mindset of having already achieved it, you can gain that extra bit of courage and confidence to do the things that you wouldn’t normally do.

For example, I wanted to be a writer, but for years my perception of myself was completely the opposite, ‘You are terrible at writing’, ‘Who do you think you are giving advice?’ That stopped me from putting pen to paper.

When I stepped outside of this and pictured myself as a successful author with masses of people gaining insight from my books, it gave me the courage to put pen to paper. So, my writing is not the best but with practice it will improve.

Secondly, you also create a higher or more positive energy when you view yourself as already having succeeded. Instead of shrinking you shine. This in turn attracts circumstances, contacts and scenarios to help make this goal come true.

Thirdly, the world will SEE you, how you SEE yourself. The world will treat YOU how you TREAT yourself.

When my husband started at his new firm as a solicitor – he did not know what he was doing. He was overwhelmed by the new content. As he knew he had to charge clients for his expert advice, he acted as though he already was the ‘expert’ in his field (and found whatever resources he needed to survive!)

Therefore he held himself high, spoke with confidence and in turn, people viewed him as the expert in building and construction despite him knowing very little. Today he is a senior associate and really is an expert in his field.



Today, ask yourself the question: What would you like to BE?

E.g. Be a doctor, a bestselling author, own your own make up business, or be a successful internet marketer


What would you DO if you were ALREADY that person?

How would you speak differently? How would you think or act? How would you hold yourself? What actions would you take? Would you take more risks in putting yourself out there?

E.g. If you want to be a composer, instead of worrying if your music is good enough and shrinking, you might hold your head high and talk about your plans for your next project.

 If you want to be a doctor, instead of telling yourself you may never make it or aren’t smart enough, you may lay out the plans for achieving your goal and talk about the difference you are making in people’s lives.

If you want to start your own business, instead of hiding in a cave of fear, you may have the courage to take action in setting up your business.

You may also talk to people about your ‘successful’ business (even if you only have only one customer!) and stand proud of all you have achieved.

Personally, when I go to work, I choose to wear clothes that make me feel successful. I even put make up on to feel successful, where before I wouldn’t have been bothered. I do this raise my energy and attract more of the same success in my life.

If you find it hard to imagining what you would do, make a list of the negative self-talk you have around your goal:

‘I’m not smart enough’

‘I’m not experienced enough and don’t know where to begin’

‘I’m not a good speaker’

If you carry out the steps of BEING and DOING, you will HAVE what you are searching for.

You will become that composer, entrepreneur or whatever it is you wish to be. You will achieve success. You will make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s in believing that you are already there and doing that you will have. It’s having faith and putting into action that you will see results. Don’t sit around waiting for results before you finally believe in yourself.


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