Why ‘FORGIVENESS’ is the very thing that may PREVENT you from getting a CANCER, chronic illness or other sickness later in life.

Are you still holding onto HURTS from 1998? If so, read on…


Many of my friends know that I have a chronic illness called LUPUS. Like some other illnesses, there is no clear cause for this mystery illness and why an immune system attacks its own healthy body parts.

When I started reading Louise Hay’s ‘You can Heal Your Life’, ‘Heal Your Body’ and ‘The Power Within’, it shifted the way I viewed my illness completely. She helped me understand that illness was also a result of the way I THOUGHT. Furthermore it was the result of HOLDING onto PAST hurts and a lack of FORGIVENESS.


In her book, ‘Heal Your Body’, Louise lists a range of illnesses and the thought processes that can often lead to these illnesses (it’s not 100% for everyone, but works as a general guide.)

Under Lupus, it confirmed what I already knew for years. My body was attacking itself because I was already attacking and criticising myself for years. I wasn’t voicing my true feelings and opinions but suppressing them. Suppressing feelings for a long time can lead to depression and the body turning against itself. The great thing is that Louise provides a new thought pattern to replace the old ones.


Louise herself, developed CANCER and knew it was because she was holding RESENTMENT against those people that had raped her as a child and beat her up. She knew if she didn’t do personal work, the doctors would continue to cut her up until there was no Louise left.

She urged doctors to give her time to heal herself, changed her diet and began the painful process of going back to her PAST and FORGIVING those that hurt her.


When she finished doctors confirmed what she already knew – there was NO TRACE of cancer left in her body.


These days, people worry about getting an illness, so they take supplements, exercise and change their diet. Whilst these things are extremely good for you, people tend to OVERLOOK one of the most important factors, releasing the other TOXIN in their body, RESENTMENT.

It’s easy to see how much resentment people are carrying around. When I watch YouTube clips, it’s easy to see how angry people are just by the comments. Louise said, people hold onto hurts for years, storing anger in their body. Storing resentment is only harming you because it develops into illnesses.


“Resentment is anger that has been buried for a long time. The main problem with resentment is that it lodges in the body, usually in the same place, and in time, it seethes and eats away at the body and often turns into tumours and cancers. Therefore, repressing anger and letting it settle in our bodies is not conducive to good health. Again, it’s time to let these feelings out.” – Louise Hay, The Power Within.


Once an illness presents itself, it is necessary to treat it, but unless you get to the root cause, it will continue manifesting in other forms of illnesses.



Forgiveness is not acknowledging that what the other person did is right. It is releasing with love the hurt made against you. Resentment usually buries itself deep within your body so it requires work to dissolve it. Yeah it can be painful, but so is having an operation to remove a tumour. What would you prefer?

I recently went through a painful root canal to get rid of infected nerves (the aftermath was more painful than my labour!) If I didn’t go through with it, it would have spread to all my teeth. It is better to endure a little pain, than to suffer greatly down the track!


These were the steps I followed, based on Louise’s books.


1. Make a list of hurts that you have experienced.

2. Imagine that person in front of you, or stand in front of a mirror, or ask a partner or close friend to listen and represent that person.

3. Articulate what you want to say. Perhaps you never got to express what you really felt? Say, “I feel hurt because…” rather than, “You did this to me…”

4. Now imagine that person as a frightened child. In reality, we are all frightened little children who are passing on what we have experienced ourselves. It is likely that person hurt you because they have been hurt themselves.

Louise says we are all victims of victims. When children have been abused by parents usually the parents themselves have been abused. Understanding what the other person has been through helps you to have more compassion. People that put you down or criticise you, have usually been put down or criticised and therefore do the same out of insecurity.

5. Now say, “I forgive you, I release you and I love you.” It may not feel genuine, but trust me, starting those small steps begins the process of healing. When I do this process, I try my best to send out positive energy or extra love out to the person, even if they are half way across the world.

6. If you still feel anger or suppressed emotions of hate or hurt, get it out of your body in a positive way. I close the windows and scream into a pillow or beat a pillow. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m angry about but doing it releases the energy and feels great afterwardss. Remember, you want to get resentment out of your body.


It may take months to fully forgive a person, or a short time. Just know each time you do this, you are releasing a little more resentment every day.

It will heal your life spiritually, physically and believe it or not, it affects your prosperity as well. When you release this negative energy, you will feel calmer and more at peace, attracting more prosperity in your life.

I learnt this from the author of Lucky Bitch herself Denise Duffield Thomas. She is wickedly funny. For anyone that does her money manifesting boot camp, you will discover the first step she gets you to do is list in a diary everyone in your life you hold resentment against and start to genuinely forgive each person one by one through a similar process.


Do something good for yourself and mankind by using forgiveness as a tool to heal yourself and others. Let go of that person that hurt you back in 1985.


“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Mahatma Gandhi


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