About me

The purpose of life is to recreate yourself

18 years ago, I was told my life would be a disaster and I believed it. Fortunately, later I met someone who believed in me MORE than I believed in myself. This person helped me see how EXTRAORDINARY life could be. I also became aware that a GREATER POWER out there was caring for me. Later I discovered this greater power also resided within me.

It was through this CRISIS that I decided to be the CAUSE of my own life rather than EFFECT of what somebody predicted.

Now I have a miracle daughter, an amazing husband and a life I love and have published a book about it.

Like everyone else, LIFE has thrown UPS and DOWNS my way. By having someone to coach me, I’ve learnt ways to use CHALLENGES to PROPELL my life forward. Now I see CHALLENGES as BLESSINGS. I’ve set up this site to SHARE INSIGHTS from what has INSPIRED me, IMPROVED my life or made a DIFFERENCE so that others can be inspired by their own lives and achieve their goals.

I also believe everyone is called to live an AMAZING life which is why I decided to become a Life Coach.

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” – Helen Keller

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure







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When I meet people and start sharing a little of what I have experienced, I often get told, “I can’t believe what you’ve been through!”

I am an accredited Professional LIFE COACH with the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and I live in Sydney, Australia which I love.  I’ve also worked in education as a Art Teacher and as a  Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist. I am also a mother who has like many undergone many challenges and joys.

My life was not a straightforward journey. In the beginning I was restless. I started studying a Law degree, then Visual Communications. I then felt an inner calling to find purpose in life and help others search for meaning within. At the age of 20 I decided to do something radical, gave up riches, nice clothes, and my  longtime boyfriend to pursue life as a  fulltime missionary taking up poverty,chastity and obedience.

After 4 years, this strict lifestyle was not completely fullfilling.  Whilst bringing many insights such as the value of being humble, serving and living simply, I felt it left out an important aspect. That is, every human being’s natural desire to develop themselves. Rather than minimising oneself to find purpose, I felt it was important to strive to be the BEST one could be. It was then I strongly beleived one doesn’t serve the world by shrinking – one serves the world by shining.

I left the community to become a Visual Arts teacher in secondary and primary education, which was great to see students doing something that they loved.

During my life I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (an autoimmune chronic illness). Although it had its setbacks, I began to see its purpose when I began meeting more and more people – mothers, adolescents and babies that were being diagnosed with Lupus. They just needed someone to talk to and to know that with Lupus you could still live an amazing life.

I married my soul mate and had my ‘miracle’ baby in 2009. I was aware of the difficulties with pregnancy and Lupus but did not expect while pregnant to be told by doctors my baby had died. Blood tests confirmed this, yet an unexpected ultrasound revealed a heart beating (which is yet unexplained).  At 4 months pregnant, I was also told by a doctor that my baby should have been dead and if alive was to be abnormal. Today my daughter Allegra is strong, bright and healthy.

“Life is so magnificent. Every challenge and setback, though not appreciated at the time, served a purpose just as much as my victories. This has brought me where I am today. I am grateful to the Universal Being (God, Spirit – whatever name you choose to give) for taking care of me.” – Anna Garcia