WHY everything we experience in life helps us ON the way, and is not IN the way

We’ve all experienced it – we go on a fabulous holiday, loving life to the full, enjoying happy times with family and friends, then one day return to the dreary world of stark reality, work, routines… “Oh S%*t! How did I become even more depressed than before?” Believe me, I’ve even had friends that shed… [Continue Reading]


Are YOU stuck in PROCRASTINATION?   Are you a “GONNA DO” person?  Do you tell yourself, “Next week I’m gonna do…” “One day I’m gonna do…” “Someday I’m gonna do…” spending more time THINKING about doing than actually DOING? If your answer is YES, then chances are, you and Mr Procrastination are buddies!   We… [Continue Reading]

Why ‘FORGIVENESS’ is the very thing that may PREVENT you from getting a CANCER, chronic illness or other sickness later in life.

Are you still holding onto HURTS from 1998? If so, read on…   Many of my friends know that I have a chronic illness called LUPUS. Like some other illnesses, there is no clear cause for this mystery illness and why an immune system attacks its own healthy body parts. When I started reading Louise… [Continue Reading]

Is FEAR creeping up AGAIN?

Is FEAR creeping up again?   It’s the final trimester. As I finally put together the last stages before the birth of my book, I feel a suffocating presence, creeping up from behind me. “Sheldon? Sheldon?” The house is empty. Alone with my own thoughts, I feel my heart rate rise before IT takes hold… [Continue Reading]


LISTEN to your INNER GENIUS and TAKE ACTION   I was really inspired when I first heard Dr Demartini speak live and share his story. Here was a man who had learning difficulties growing up because of his dyslexia and was told by his teachers, he probably wouldn’t amount to anything or achieve much. He believed the… [Continue Reading]


Do you find it hard to THINK BIG beyond your current circumstance?   The ‘BE, DO, HAVE’ tip is something I really love that’s been shared by many coaches and inspirational speakers and is one of the strategies in my eBook ’10 Secrets to Change Your Life.’ Even if you’ve heard it all before, it… [Continue Reading]

Why every LOSS is an opportunity to GAIN

Why every LOSS is an opportunity to GAIN   A number of years ago, I was watching the Oprah show. It featured a man with an incredible story. Franz Wisner was planning to marry his dream fiancée. The only problem was, the bride never showed up. She dumped him as the guests were en-route to… [Continue Reading]

Do you LOVE yourself?

Do you love yourself?   Have you ever looked in the mirror and told yourself “I love YOU”? I tried it myself a few years ago and nearly felt sick. I wasn’t the only one. The truth is most people feel quite uncomfortable telling themselves that they love who they are. The moment you try to get… [Continue Reading]

Having TROUBLE saving MONEY?

Having TROUBLE saving MONEY?                               I’ve heard it all before, “ I just can’t seem to save”, “There’s never enough money left”, “The more I earn, the more I spend”. Heck, I used to say this myself. I had a list… [Continue Reading]

At the end of YOUR life, will you have any REGRETS?

At the end of YOUR life, will you have any REGRETS? Catching up with girlfriends or friends you haven’t seen in a long time is always an ultimate treat. Last week I did that very thing with an old time girlfriend for brunch. As we sat in the sun, overlooking the water, our discussion soon… [Continue Reading]