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I now share my message on radio!


I’m grateful to be asked by Sandigan Radio, a Filipino/Australian radio program to join  the team  at Radio 2RDJ 88.1FM.

Every Friday morning between 9am – 10am I share a short ‘Life Matters’ segment which has free life coaching tips to help improve the quality of your life.

Join  me at Radio 2RDJ 88.1FM


Do you ever get the feeling that you could be so much more than what you are currently living?

Do you feel that pain from the past or fear of the future paralyses you from moving forward?

Do you feel you have a great gift or talent to share… before you catch yourself saying, “But who am I to think I can do that?”


The question is… Who are you NOT to be the most magnificent version of you that you can be?


That’s why I’ve created FREE 60 minute webinar packed with inspirational and transformational tips.


Tuesday 11th November 8pm 2014

(Australian Eastern Standard Time – Sydney)


Don’t worry if you can’t make the time, register anyway and we’ll send you a replay link.


Register here:


Enjoy the free content and if you are interested in more, at the end of the webinar I offer promotional packages which I’ve never offered before.

Shoot me any questions you may have.








I’ve been busy during the past 9 months writing and illustrating my new book: Put the Baby Back in My Tummy: When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected.

The Book Launch will take place on saturday the 27th of July. Here are all the details:


To find out more, visit

Is Your Relationship Working?


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Goal Setting workshop at the start of January .  There were many positive outcomes from the session and I will be organising more in the year to come as requested.

Thank you for your feedback from the session below!