What is Life Coaching?


What is Life Coaching?

I get asked this everyday. No, it’s not coaching a sport or a game. But the analogy is similar. If we want success in life, why not have someone there to help maximise results?

No one can fail if one person sees him successfulOne on one Life Coaching is a professional partnership incorporating  thought provoking creative processes to inspire and maximise your personal and professional potential.

These powerful transformational processes help you to break through the blocks and thoughts that might be sabotaging your success so you can move forward.

Why is Life Coaching so successful?

Sometimes we can get stuck with so many thoughts in our mind. Life Coaching helps us to step out of our own mind and be in touch with our higher self’s goals (what we really came to this world to be, do and have). Having a Life Coach to uphold that vision of the best version of ourselves can help us not to get stuck and waste time in the clutter of our minds. Life Coaching is successful because we work on setting SMART GOALS. That is,  goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based. When you set SMART goals you powerfully increase your rate of success.

What does Life Coaching involve?

Our Life Coaching sessions involve me:

  • Listening to you
  • Exploring change using questioning techniques
  • Supporting you to set appropriate goals
  • Encouraging you to commit to action
  • Helping you identify challenges
  • Breaking through your limiting beliefs
  • Providing fresh perspectives on an issue
  • Encouraging you to find your unique solutions and strategies
  • Making you accountable to create effective change in your life.

What are the benefits of Life Coaching?

There are many benefits from Life Coaching including:

  • Higher CONFIDENCE - by setting and achieving goals
  • Better DECISIONS –  by having a sounding board and a non biased coach to discuss ideas allows for more effective decisions.
  • More CLARITY - by focusing on what is important to YOU instead of meeting other’s expectations
  • More ABUNDANCE - by identifying unconscious limiting beliefs around money  and replacing them with positive abundant beliefs. This can free up your energy around money, attracting more into your life.
  • POWERFUL FOCUS, and FASTER RESULTS – by having a coach there to help direct your focus toward your goals instead of distractions. Having a coach also makes you accountable for taking specific actions steps. This enables you to achieve results more rapidly than going alone.
  • MAXIMUM MOTIVATION -  By actively listening to you and planning specific strategies, you become more passionate about your dreams. Encouraging you on a regular basis during Professional Life Coaching sessions helps you to continue forward, even when it’s a struggle..

How does The Law of Attraction and Universal Laws help?

There are Universal Laws existing which can help make your journey in life a little less arduous and more joyful. Just like gravity, you don’t need to understand the universal laws to benefit from them.

Everything around us in the entire universe (including us) is made up of energy. Yes –  we are vibrating waves. When you enter a room, you can fee the presence of negative or positive energy. You can work with this energy to create a life you love.

One law which has helped me significantly is the Law of Giving and Receiving. ‘What you give out to the world, you will receive’, or, ‘Give unto others that which you wish to experience’. Another is the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is constantly working whether you are aware of it, or not. The energy we send out attracts more of the same. ‘Like’ energy attracts  ’like’ energy. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this and are therefore attracting what they don’t want in life.

You are more likely to attract what you focus on, i.e. more negative situations when your energy is focused on everything going wrong in your life, or positive abundance when you are appreciating the blessings in your life and focused on your goals.

By choosing to combine metaphysical and spiritual processes such as simple visualisations, and affirmations with practical steps during our Life Coaching sessions, you can create FASTER and more POWERFUL change in your life.

Is Life Coaching the same as therapy and counselling? 

No. Life Coaching is not therapy, counselling, psychotherapy or mentoring. It does not focus on your past but rather on the present and future.

Life Coaching focuses on your strengths and the belief that you are the naturally creative and resourceful person in the relationship. That is because Life Coaching provides support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity you already have.

The coaching services I offer is not medical advice and must not be used in lieu of any psychiatric or psychological counselling or therapy you may be receiving from a health care professional. The coaching services I offer are not a form of therapy or psychological counselling and are not intended to treat any mental health issues.

Coaching results are not guaranteed and can vary person to person. The client enters into coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results by taking action.

Who is Life Coaching for?

  • Anyone wanting more meaning and purpose in their lives
  • Anyone wanting to improve areas of their life (finances, career, relationships, well being, etc…)
  • Those who are committed to taking the necessary action.

How are the sessions conducted?

Life Coaching sessions are conducted through Skype weekly or fortnightly via a telephone call. This enables me to coach you wherever you are in the world. A regular suitable time is pre-arranged with you.

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Can I have just one Life Coaching session?

Yes you can and some people find what they need in one session. Whilst you still gain benefits from one Life Coaching session, greater transformational change occurs over a process of time with a series of sessions.

It also allows us to review your progress and allows  me to  provide support throughout the weeks.  Discounts are available for 4 or more sessions booked.

To find out more contact:  anna@valuelifecoaching.com


How much does Life Coaching cost?

To find out about Life Coaching rates and packages, email  anna@valuelifecoaching.com , or phone +612 423 590 980 or +612 8021 4570 (for Australian residents contact 0423 590 980) or fill in the form below.


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